How do i directly connect wd my cloud to my computer

how to set up my own cloud? I have a desktop PC, running on intel i5, 8GB RAM on windows 10 Home premium. Direct connection to Windows PC. I currently own the WD My Cloud 3TB and would love to be able to install PLEX on this drive to stream to my Samsung TV. Next, click Configure. This device username will only be used to login to your device Dashboard. The drive seems to show in explorer as a workgroup and the icon is a computer icon? The drive does show further down as a WD storage drive and when clicked it takes me to the online dashboard. The My Cloud would show no Ethernet lights, whereas connected directly to a laptop via Ethernet the Ethernet activity lights worked fine. Please go through the following guided assist page to get your music library up and running. My Cloud Home WD My Cloud 2/3/4TBs how to speed things up. Also, check the comments as a lot of other people have tips! When the WD Mybook Live 3TB NAS was released, I went out and bought one and promptly put all my stuff on it. Oct 3, 2013 But I can access it from the Internet—from a PC, smartphone, You connect a digital camera directly to the My Cloud's USB 3. Unlike a regular Plex Media Server you might run on a computer or NAS . When I try to directly access it, I get the Network Error "Windows cannot access \\10. The WD Cloud is probably one of the most controversial products to ever hit the market. It can recover data from WD My Cloud hard drive on Mac or Windows PC. 0 External Desktop Hard Drive from Western Digital is an external hard drive designed to fit easily onto your desktop. . Check that your WD Cloud drive is connected to your router and powered on. Once you set up Auto Upload, you do not need to connect your camera to the GoPro App to use the feature, nor do you need to keep your mobile device within range of the camera. I've turned it on and played with it a bit and realize it doesn't help us in any way, shape, or form. Can I record video from a Cloud Camera directly to my PC. This drive is ideal for Mac Time Machine backup and no need to connect directly to Mac. WD My Cloud, DVD Streaming and Panasonic TV. Each USB storage device connected via the USB port on the My Cloud, becomes a network drive itself. The other product I would recommend is WD’s My Cloud and My Cloud EX series. I bought a WD My Cloud recently. . 0. 1 or 8 computers now via network. The My Cloud is personal cloud storage known as a NAS, network attached storage. Connect WD My Cloud Hard Drive with Computer. The My Cloud drive The My Cloud Home plugs directly into your WiFi router so that you can easily save, organize, and control all your digital content in one location. 1, subnet: 255. Allow the local dicovery of the My Cloud on the network to complete. 0 WD MyPassport Wireless Review. This can be done by connecting the computers via an Ethernet or wireless network connection. WD My Cloud Tips. "My Cloud Home Desktop App Online User Guide for Information, Configuration, and Solutions": Skip to content. and went to Network Connections>Wireless Network Connection>  Mar 6, 2016 I tried a direct connection to my router, but that didn't help. After trying a lot of the things suggested in various forums (Troubleshooting, installing WD My Cloud software, updating firmware) I seem to have had success after making some changes to Windows 10. com Let's set up your personal cloud and create a My Cloud account. The My Cloud Home device has enormous capacity and plugs into your network to wirelessly back up every computer at home to one central place. The My Cloud Home Drive plugs directly into your router at home so you can automatically back up the photos and videos from your phone or tablet as well as your computer – whether you have a PC, Mac or both. And the My Cloud uses TwonkyMedia as its DLNA media server, it streams your music, I would try reinstalling the Printer software on your computer. com or any major Internet computer parts supplier. WD my cloud is of Network attached storage drive (NAS). Noticed that Plex has drifted over to supporting more WD NAS devices and think im right in thinking that the WD My Cloud is supported. My Cloud Home & Home Duo. No internet connection or laptop needed. My cloud home Community Experts online right now. So I was cleaning out this closet and found a brand new WD My Cloud EX4 16 TB at work. Answer: The best way to connect your laptop to your desktop is to use the computers' built-in networking capabilities. 2 hours ago · Save all your digital content in one place no matter where you are with the WD My Cloud Home NAS Drive. I recently purchased a My Cloud drive, and set it up as a network drive on my home computer (on the same network) by adding it as a Windows Credential. This should refresh the connection and may fix the issue. Since WD My Cloud is connected to your network, all computers on the  Easy to use, the My Cloud home storage device plugs directly into your Wi-Fi router desktop app or MyCloud. Another option would be to get a gigabit switch and then connect your PC, your MyBook and the uplink to the rest of your LAN (100Mbps?) to the gigabit switch. ) I have to disable and reinstall and set up every time. 1. In This deal is in category Amazon India and was Last Updated on: July 11th, 2016 Computers & Accessories My cart My account It is unfortunate hearing about your experience receiving a WD My Passport Wireless Pro drive that was not working for you. com or use the My Cloud app on your phone or tablet to connect directly to your  WD Community—Share your thoughts and connect with other WD users. As the above user said, if you want to have access from multiple devices without having your computer on, you'd need the MyCloud. (on the desktop it changes my server to my Mac and I can never again connect the cloud drive. Return to Top upgraded to Windows10 but I can't access WD My Cloud on the PC and I have tried all of the steps on line I followed the step from the community stream and I still can't access my WD my cloud 8 TB HD. Buy WD 2TB My Cloud Personal Network Attached Storage - NAS Works great with all the PC and Mac computers in your home, right out of the box. All you need to do is simply reset the infected computer to factory settings (in Windows 10, it is done with just a couple of clicks in using the Reset function), and restore your stuff back from Zinstall FullBack. The My Cloud can be accessed when the device is powered on connected to a computer using the ethernet cable for direct access or when the My Cloud is not accessible when used with a network router. If you do own a netbook, then you will be glad to use Gladinet to manage all your cloud storage. You can add files to the device by dragging them onto this app’s window; or you can mount the shared volume in the Finder, and add and manage files in Finder windows. Ask Your Question Fast! 34% discount WD My Cloud 4TB Personal Cloud Storage Hard Disk for Rs. Internal IP are useful to connect to your devices when you work at home, for example, network printer, Smart TV, WD My Cloud, etc. Often a simple 4 second reset or 40 second system restore via the reset button on the back of the My Cloud can fix certain issues with the My Cloud. mycloud. Step 3. By clicking the Get started button, you consent to the WD license agreement and privacy  Feb 24, 2018 Get My Cloud to show in Windows 10 File Explorer Network SMB 1. What you can do is edit your network connections to tell Windows to 'bridge' your two NICs so your PC effectively acts like a switch between your two LANs. First you cannot connect the My Cloud via USB to one's computer. Thank you for providing us the feedback. I attempted to Map The Network Drive back, but could no longer see the WD MY CLOUD in the Network using Files Explorer. com anywhere with an internet connection; Quick  I have been told that the Western Digital My Cloud EX2 NAS The best way is to find a PC running Windows 10 (if possible and it . Generally when you connect the My Cloud direct to the computer’s Ethernet port you have to configure BOTH the My Cloud and the computer’s Ethernet port to use the same IP address range. It shows under the "Media Devices" and "Storage" sections of Network but not under "Computer" where it should be. WD My Cloud is a free program that enables you to keep your PC connected to your personal cloud, no matter where you are. The downside is apparently one cannot do transcoding on the My Cloud units to the DLNA clients. My Cloud™ learn. nice for the price and were accessible directly over the LAN, but the new "My Cloud" drives  Apr 10, 2014 Two, I didn't have all the files centralized on one computer and it would be best to I was sold and for X-mas asked Santa for the WD My Cloud 4TB But it was easy enough to connect my Lubuntu laptop as a Network File . However, when I leave the house, even with full access to WIFI, I can not access my PC. Device username can only contain letters, numbers, hyphens and underscores, and it must begin with a letter. WD Sync allows files to be synchronized across multiple computers connected to a My Cloud. WD announces My Cloud, an external drive that connects to your home network for $150 (video) On the mobile side, there are apps for iOS and Android that allow users to upload photos, videos, documents and other type of files, as well as integrate with cloud services including Google Drive, SkyDrive and Dropbox. as COLgeek said, all I want to do is use my NAS on a small network by plugging directly into the ethernet port of my PC. in. 0/CIFS File Sharing Support, your computer will have to reboot for it to . The My Cloud cloud storage system is a high -performance system providing secure wireless access to your media and files from any computer, tablet, or smartphone when it is connected to a wireless router. rather than usb it has a Ethernet port which lets it connect using a rj45 cable to your internet modem or router. thanks, worked for me on new install of windows, I now see my shares on explorer directly. I need to have access to the files on the My Cloud, which were formerly available to my home network when I had a traditional internet provider. WD (Western Digital) today unveiled a hard drive that acts as a personal cloud, offering password-protected access to data over the Internet via any mobile or desktop device. The My Cloud EX4100 is a high performance and high capacity NAS server for SOHO and home users that This article was originally written in 2013 and applies to a fairly old model of the WD Mybook Live. Any help would be appreciated. WD My Cloud is one of the best personal storage solutions on the market. Install The WD My Cloud App. To do so on Windows 10, you should do the following steps. Power on the My Cloud. The idea of saving files to the cloud is nothing new, Western Digital's My Cloud offers something a little different though by letting you creating your own. Sync Your Mobile Photos. 255. It is thus a great tool to manage files on the Cloud. How To Configure WD Sync with a My Cloud. Check out WD Diskless My Cloud EX2 Ultra Network Attached Storage - NAS - WDBVBZ0000NCH-NESN reviews, ratings, features, specifications and browse more Western Digital products online at best prices on Amazon. I found them to be a little harder to setup and I didn’t like the selection of mobile apps. You can use this Cloud Based drive to backup data from both Mac and Windows. Turn of the computer, unplug and plug the hard disk back to the board without putting it back to the case for testing. Although the Smart Hub appears to have a LAN port, as does my WD My Cloud; the My Cloud is not detected by the Smart Hub when I plug it in. Apparently before I came along, someone had convinced my boss this is what we need in life. It works seamlessly with Windows Backup and Time Machine software. At the back of the My Cloud Home Duo are two USB 3. The simplest and most widely effective fix for this issue is to simply add a Windows Credential for your WD My Cloud account to the credentials list on your Windows 10 computer. Some of the cloud storage solutions that we discussed, do provide their own tools to connect to their cloud from your computer. We have placed some links below providing more information for a better understanding of the My Cloud Home device. Locate the Plex Service and click Enable. Select File Types to Scan. 0 port and begin transferring data at speeds up to 5 Gb/s when using the integrated micro-USB 3. It connects to your internet modem. You can use the D-ViewCam software to record video directly from your camera to a local hard drive or a My pc is now connected dirctly via ethernet cable to my wd tv live and the pc is also connected to the internet vui wlan. Turn on the device and wait for the light to go Blue (Will take about 5mins) 6. Its core function is to be a wireless external hard drive. 1-) Go into your router and make sure that you have set up address reservation so as to give your My Cloud a static IP on your home network. 141. To turn on the WD My Cloud DLNA server go to “Settings” then “Media in the configuration and turn on “Media Streaming. To do so, you need to: Right-click on the Start Menu to open the WinX Menu. 0 (USB 3. Western Digital My Cloud. Still, the Xbox 1 should be supporting DLNA devices. I don't turn off my PC and I want to run a personal cloud so that I can download files directly from my PC elsewhere. MyCloud would get my vote for your usage. The procedure here may well not work for you, please just use it for ideas. Download and install the WD Sync software. 5. NAS Drive ip address: 192. Add USB 3. This can also be used as a local cloud network at your home. Launch the data recovery for WD My Clou program and you can see all supported files types are listed. How to Set Up WD My Cloud Posted on August 5, 2019 • 0 Comments Cloud computing gives you the capability of saving data wherever you are in the world as long as you have an Internet connection and are sending it to an off-site storage unit. MyCloud. seems to work ok until I try to install the desktop app or iPhone app. It's a new addition to the long-running MyPassport series of portable hard drives that Western Digital has put out for several years now. Create a MyCloud. The main steps are the following: Set up Router: This is only necessary if you connect from outside of your home network. WD My Cloud is a NAS (some web sites say it is a kind of simplified NAS) that you directly connect to your router with an Ethernet cable. Overall, these devices are great, but they lack the feature set and finesse of the Synology products. Sometimes, it works, sometimes it doesn't, and there's nothing more annoying to a user than a service that works erratically. It should work connected to the Connect Hello Marco, Chris is correct, you can use the WD My Cloud setup with the Sonos system. It will avoid you to connect the laptop/tablet to TV with HDMI or VGA cable. 14850 at Amazon. WD My Cloud February 21, 2014 February 21, 2014 Geng Hui 0 Comments blog, Blogging Business, Dreams, gadgets, Goals, Happiness, Information Technology, Western Digital’s “My Cloud Home” (and My Cloud Home Duo) is an ARMv8 based NAS device for home use. Open up your computer’s file manager (Windows Explorer/Mac Finder) and see if the computer will find and access the My Cloud. got the WD Cloud home and installed Plex via the WD Interface. One is labelled with my name for the drive (in Media Devices section), on clicking on it it takes me directly to 'Twonky', the other is labelled MyCloud' (in Storage Devices section) on clicking on it, it takes me directly to the setup page, there is no way to access the file list on the PC. WD's customers are not happy. Then I would try assigning a static IP to the printer and then try resetting the access point on the NAS by resetting the password for the account used to access it from the computer. to my surprise, it also acts as an interesting music, video and photo-streaming device. My cloud home The 3TB Elements USB 3. Connect the TV to router through ethernet cable and browse Wd content using a browser on TV. When the battery is charged, the automatic upload to the cloud will begin. MyCloud can't connect to my computer I love my ASUS Transformer and I thought it was an amazing thing when I could use MyCloud to access my personal pc. 168. Once you get a blue light, download “WD My Cloud Setup for Windows” from the official site to find your My Cloud Device. The Skip to content. The best thing about this type of set-up is that you can access it wirelessly from anywhere. How to fix your WD My Cloud storage device / NAS slow transfer rate and directly connect to your computer to transfer files faster. Dec 3, 2017 If you are unable to access your WD My Cloud account on a Windows 10 computer, fear not, as this issue can indeed be fixed. NOTE If you are configuring WD Sync remotely, no My Cloud will be listed. WD Discovery offers also the ability to easily synchronize local folders to your My Cloud Home (Desktop Sync). How do i go about doing this? I see various Western Digital users are fed up with My Cloud failures. The blue light on the front should be on and not blinking. Specifically, it seems like using the PIN method of logging to Windows 10 may have been causing issues with authentication to the My Cloud device. If you are reading this article you may know what I’m talking about. now sometimes the internet not works because the pc wants to connect to the internet via the ethernet cable. Step 1. 2-) Go into your router’s Port Forwarding/Triggering settings and ensure port 443 is properly configured to point to your My Cloud device local network’s IP Connecting 2 devices directly through ehternet is called a ad-hoc network. I have a Pace 5268AC Uverse router. I inadvertently Disconnected the network drive for my WD MY CLOUD cloud/storage device a few days ago. The multi drive My Cloud units (My Cloud Mirror, EX2, EX4 and other models) DO support a Plex module add-on along with other third party add-on modules. Make sure that your WD Cloud drive and this computer are on the same network. I tried to open the case and connect the hard drive directly with a hard drive   Jan 18, 2016 Find out why WD My Cloud makes setting up a home media server a breeze or NAS, is essentially a file server that hooks directly to your network. If you can stream content to TV from phone or laptop, use WD app on phone or PC to browse and play content and cast it to TV. This person only lasted two weeks. Julianne Hough Says Telling Husband She's 'Not Straight' Brought Them Closer. Remove the hard drive from your WD My Cloud case and use a hard drive connector to connect it with your computer, making sure your computer can recognize it. Copying SD cards directly to My Passport Wireless. Connectivity and setup. WD has unveiled the MyCloud, a personal cloud storage device that lets you wirelessly back-up and access data via your computer, laptop, tablet and of course smartphone. The WD My Cloud personal cloud storage system is a high-performance system providing secure wireless access to your media and files from any computer, tablet, or smartphone when it is connected to a wireless router. Connect it to your network (hence the name) either wirelessly or by Ethernet, and all your files on the My Cloud are available to whomever you authorize on your home network. PC – Message Board. And the files are accessible to me anywhere on earth from my laptop or from apps on my iPhone and iPad. I found out my Western Digital (WD) My Cloud does not plug and play to the port on back of the router. Simply plug this drive into a compatible USB 3. I love the concept of a personal cloud, located under my roof instead of on some corporate server farm in Who Knows Where. Jun 10, 2018 Check out our review of Western Digital My Cloud, an easy-to-use, but pricey, device costs you can expect to pay by buying directly from Western Digital. Click on Control Panel in the WinX Menu to open it. going crazy here. You can only copy content directly from the USB storage to the My Cloud Home Duo, not the other way around. Video Tutorials. my data. Connect to your My Passport Wireless drive’s Wi-Fi network from your iPhone, iPad, or Android device, and use WD’s free My Cloud app to access and preview your RAW and JPEG images anywhere. com account so you can access your content anywhere on any device. Instead of connecting it directly to your computer, you'd connect it to your network and then everything would access that. DLNA Server. I hope this info is helpful and eliminates a lot of frustration on the part of end-users. Your router is like the master of your network. In almost all  Jan 8, 2018 You see, many Western Digital MyCloud NAS drives have a hardcoded Open it up, take out the drive, plug it into your desktop. This in itself raises a few issues. For those still having problems with the WD My Cloud devices, you can buy a crossover cable at Newegg. If you have not returned the drive yet, you can refer to the below link and create an RMA through WD and replace the drive under warranty. 1 Gen 1) or USB 2. Be aware that data that is deleted on the folder will also be deleted on the My Cloud, while files deleted on the My Cloud WD Sync folder will also be deleted on the computer side as well. How-to | Setup Music and Photos from My Cloud. An Ethernet connection requires that each computer has an Ethernet port, which looks like a wide phone jack. it your way and access from almost anywhere with an Internet connection. Connect this powerful system to your wireless router for shared storage on your home Re: Problem Connecting WD My cloud Hard drive to the U-Verse router. "I am unable to map my WDMyCloud as a network drive" I have used every troubleshooting step I could locate, with no luck. So, if you want to play movies, songs or picture slideshow to your TV which is connected to WD TV Live player, you can do that from your Windows 8. You can use the drive as a basic external drive and plug it in to your computer via USB, Answer Wiki. They've been trying numerous fixes, including clearing their Web browser's cache, deleting all WD-related cookies, and trying different browsers to reach their drives' storage remotely. Click on Finish. Once installed you can access your data and photos right from your smartphone or tablet anywhere that you have an internet connection. 0 interface. Once the DLNA server is turned on, you have to enable the shares to serve media. They cost around $7 for a 10' snagless cable. I take a lot of photos from my phone, and I bet that you do too. Captain_WD. I bought the Western Digital "My Cloud" drive for backups and found it is a capable and useful device (see this article: "Western Digital My Cloud Review"). One solution to this problem is to use a local cloud service, like the Western Digital My Cloud. Make sure that the 2 devices are in the same ip subnet. I have port forwarded the device on port 80 and tried adding it as a Windows Credential the same way on a laptop connected to a different network. The program allows you to easily drag and drop to transfer documents or photos, manage your files and share links to specific files or folders via email. Second there  Aug 30, 2017 Western Digital My Cloud Home external hard drive although you can't connect the My Cloud directly to a PC via USB—it's only intended to  Apr 9, 2019 For the initial installation and setup, you must be on the same local Refer to WD's My Cloud Home Video Transcoding Support article for specific details. If you received a Connection Timed Out message, double check to ensure the My Cloud Home and the Computer used are on the same network and attached to the same network router. How do i go about doing this? I see various Although the Smart Hub appears to have a LAN port, as does my WD My Cloud; the My Cloud is not detected by the Smart Hub when I plug it in. Connect this powerful system to your wireless router for shared storage on your home Hi, For many builds of Windows 10 I have not been able to access my WD MyCloud NAS drive on my network. 0 port, or add an  Buy WD My Cloud Home 4TB 1-Bay Personal Cloud NAS Server (1 x 4TB) featuring My Cloud Home App for Desktop/Mobile/Web, iOS & Android Compatible, Windows This personal storage device plugs directly into your Wi- Fi router using its . For example: PC 1 ip address: 192. applications that communicate directly or indirectly with the Services. This external hard disc can connect via the ethernet port on the home router. Now the selected My Cloud Share is mapped and can be found under This PC. Automatic file backup for all your computers – Easily back up the files from all the . Connect the My Cloud to your computer’s networking port. To transfer data to this drive you must do so over the network or by loading your content onto a USB drive then connecting the USB drive up to the USB port on the WD MyCloud and using the MyCloud app to copy the data from the USB drive to the internal storage of the MyCloud drive. ” This will allow you to store movies, TV shows, photos, and music on your WD My Cloud and view them on any device on your network. Hope this helps. Buy WD Diskless My Cloud EX2 Ultra Network Attached Storage - NAS - WDBVBZ0000NCH-NESN online at low price in India on Amazon. Part 3 – Restore Image. apps for your computers, tablets and smartphones to connect to it. My Cloud Home Mobile App - Tap the Settings icon and then tap Manage Services. After a short period of time the front LED will blink white (or similar color) indicating no network connection. This article explains how to perform a backup to a My Cloud, WD Sentinel or My Book What Is and How To Access a WD Product Dashboard This article explains the purpose of a Dashboard. This means that is him who allows devices to connect to internet through him, and is the one who assing internal IP. Gladinet cloud desktop lets you connect to most popular clouds. The Dashboard on a My Cloud device allows a user to access the device's internal settings, options, and features. Set up cloud access. upload it from your gallery directly to your WD My Cloud Mirror device with ease. The WD My Cloud app is what allows you to access your data while on the go. Critical: This folder will now be synchronized with a folder of the same name inside My Cloud storage device. 2, subnet: 255. Otherwise, yes, the WD My Cloud needs to be connected to the router via Ethernet. Select the desired My Cloud device Click on Map to display the available Shares for the selected My Cloud device Select the Share that will be mapped, for example the Public Share The Map Network Drive window will open. 0 ports which let you plug in a thumb drive or other USB storage (or a card reader) to quickly import contents on to your device. Connect your camera to a wall charger with an output of 5V 2A (5V 1A minimum). 0 and Ethernet storage to your Windows or Mac system with the My Cloud Expert Series EX4100 4-Bay Diskless NAS from WD. It is extremely easy to set up, and since WD My Cloud is wireless, you do not have to connect any equipment to the computer itself, or even remember that you have a backup. the reason i can't simply plug into the internet router is because it isn't mine and it is not in my flat (my neighbour and landlord lets me use the wireless on his connection). There’s a WD My Cloud desktop app, which you can use to view, upload, and download files. By using Zinstall FullBack and My Cloud together, you get a complete, automatic, always on backup of your entire Windows 10 PC, including all programs, settings and files. Summary. Ask for FREE. Step 2. Hope your tv will support this. how do i directly connect wd my cloud to my computer

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